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Photo courtesy of Karen L. Weiss, (C) 2019

Do you want Your Group to learn more about Spirituality or to Live a more intentional Life?


Waterworks Ministries Training and retreats will help you Reach your personal and professional fulfillment and potential by

Watercolor Stain Transparent

Exploring Your Understanding of the Divine

Story Book

Learning and Practicing New Ways to Pray

A Natural Girl

Honoring Yourself through Play and Rest


Developing Strengths and Clarifying Vision or Focus

When you host a workshop or retreat with Waterworks Ministries, your group is given the tools and the space to grow into who you've been created to be. We work with you to customize a meaningful time that relates spirituality and daily life in an engaging and creative way. 

To start designing your customized training or retreat,

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Waterworks Podcast

Looking to get to know us a little better or learn about spirituality? 

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