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Photo courtesy of Karen L. Weiss, (C) 2019 

Waterworks Ministries: Passionate About Nurturing Your Growth

Waterworks Ministries is passionate about nurturing your relationship with the Divine and helping you bring transformation and justice to the world. We are a ministry of empowering and nurturing prayer, journeying with people through spiritual direction, facilitation and mediation, and training and retreats.

Our guiding scripture verse is from Amos 5:24, "but let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream." (NIV) The Divine's justice and righteousness are ever-present and ever-active, and we are invited to participate in making the world a more just, beautiful, and good place. This work of beauty and creativity starts with us as individuals. This reasoning is why we focus on providing services that directly impact our relationship with the world, others, and ourselves. 


Passionate About Empowering You: Rev. Karen L. Weiss
Photo of Rev. Karen L.Weiss

Rev. Karen L. Weiss is passionate about helping people find their calling, live lives filled with joy, and believe in themselves all while leaning in to what it means to treat themselves with dignity, honor, love, and grace.

She started Waterworks Ministries in 2014 when she was commissioned as a deacon in the United Methodist Church. Karen listened to the Divine's not-so-gentle nudge of working with leaders and change-makers through spiritual direction, facilitation and mediation, and training and retreats and has seen lives transformed in amazing ways.

In her spare time Karen loves to read, dance, sing, travel, and nap. 

Photo courtesy of Karen L. Weiss, (C) 2019 

Photo taken by Katherine Sleadd, @katesleadd

  • Spiritual Direction Certificate, Oasis Ministries

  • International Coach Federation Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC)

  • 40-hour basic mediation training certificate

  • Masters of Arts in Religion, Spiritual Formation

  • Ordained deacon, United Methodist Church 

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